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Sustainable Position Statement.

Our position on this is ‘simple’

It is one of our most important business mantras
that we stand by.

Our planet is our Home, the home of our loved ones,
children and all the wonderful flora and fauna that surrounds us.

I made a promise to myself to encourage daily
practices in our workplace to help relieve the impact this business has on the

 Repeatable small changes help deliver results.

Sustainable Packaging

All packaging either fits into one of these categories

- From compostable materials

- From Reusable Materials

- From Recycled Materials. 

Our Products

- Any timber used in the production of our furniture or products is sourced only from
certified FSC approved timber plantations.

- We order Minimum Order Quantities to ensure we are not over producing and carrying
excess or wasted stock.

- Where possible we source recycle plastic materials or materials that can be what we
deem ‘forever used’ which means they can easily melted down and repurposed.


All shipping either internationally or domestic is carbon offset.

Our Office

- Keep cups are used in the office

- We are solar powered

- We recycle

- All receipts and correspondence is sent electronically

Cowrie and Conch proudly supports


We're a proud member of 1%
for the Planet.
 1% for the Planet creates a way that every day, every person has the opportunity to make a difference.

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